Life is not as happy a journey as portrayed in the movies or through those awesome Instagram or Facebook handles. It never was. Life is just a lengthy, boring few decades long happening which is all about accepting your own crap and finding a way to live with it.

You never know the sorrows behind the selfies nor do you know how hard it took for someone to pose a winning photo with a smile. Those pictures of a gang, who knows the cold war between the individuals. Well I am not being pessimistic. I am just saying that nothing that looks perfect is actually perfect.

For someone like me, who is striving to live an independent life, social media does matter. While it is conducive by helping me  to stay connected with my circle, it is also a medium to drive away my thoughts on the other end. But who cares, people have their own crap to clean, don’t they ? People only listen to speak, won’t they ? Everyone talks of compassion, every poem speaks of love. “Where are those humans in reality ?”, I keep asking to myself. Not at all the moments when you want, you find someone to talk and soothe yourself. Well that is okay, find another way. Find a way to appease yourself.

I did. I write in my blog. I write whenever I feel happy, when I am deeply worried, when I am obsessed with love or when I feel I am being loved. But this blog is just the dreamer part of me. So if you would want to judge me with my posts, probably you are judging my emotional part and not me as a whole (Personally, I don’t mind what people think of me. That isn’t my part of work).

But, if I have to say about myself, I am not so good with vocabulary, yet more passionate towards writing. I love it when people are as compassionate and human loving. You can easily find them. Those people with long and deep conversations, but sometimes you need to trigger them to find their comfort zone. So that is me. Maybe my posts are rather more interesting than this About page. Good luck reading !

PS: I am still struggling with that triggering part.