Life is not as happy a journey as portrayed in the movies. It never was. Life is just a lengthy, boring few decades long happening which is all about accepting your own crap and finding a way to live with it. Now, if you learn to live like that, you could already possess tremendous happiness. Through the years of life, you grow and evolve with people around you.

I write whenever I feel happy, when I am deeply worried, when I am obsessed with love or when I feel I am being loved.  I am not so good with vocabulary, yet more passionate towards writing. I love it when I find people who are as compassionate and human loving as me. You can easily find them. Those people with long and deep conversations, but sometimes you need to trigger them to find their comfort zone (it takes a little time, after all an egg takes time to boil and harden up). So that is me. Maybe my posts are rather more interesting than this About page. Good luck reading !

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